materials handling


OHS act driven machine regulations Codes: 41 - 42

Fixed jib
Luffing Jib
Self erecting cranes

Who should attend:
Novice and experienced operators of tower cranes, who are required to be certificated in terms of the OHASA, or operators requiring refresher training to upgrade their standard of operation. Supervisors / Managers responsible for managing operator performance.

Course Includes:

Identify the different types of Tower Cranes
Identify and state the function of major components of the Crane
Identify and state the function of controls
Identify and state the principles of operation of the crane
Perform all pre operational checks prior to operating the crane
Perform all close down checks when parking the crane
Know how to erect the tower crane
Know how to set up the crane for use with capacity load charts
Identify the different lifting equipment used with the crane
Correctly check and use the lifting equipment with the crane
Correct lifting and maneuvering of loads
General safety rules
Indicators and duties charts

Novice Operator: 5 days - Re-certification : 2 days

Training Ratio:
Maximum 4 per instructor

Rainbow Skills Development Centre